Saturday, April 21, 2018

R.E.A.L. Women Devotional: Cut or Uncut: The Beauty in Being Hurt

Have you ever seen an uncut diamond before?  I had never really thought about it until I saw what an uncut diamond looks like.  It looks like a piece of ice or if you've seen them in a cluster, they look like rock candy.

Years ago, I had been to a diamond factory when I was in Israel.  We watched a video explaining the process of how a diamond is cut.  As I sat there, I realized that it is similar to our relationships, which I like to call "real"ationships.  

A Diamond can only be cut by another diamond.  Even diamond dust is used to help polish the diamond. Olive oil is something they use in Israel along with diamond dust to polish it. This is truly amazing. (There is a video that explains this process on youtube. The more facets of a diamond, the more brilliant its shine.

The Lord used this picture to help me understand our process of letting our light shine.  Matthew 5:16 says to let our light shine that it may glorify your Father in Heaven.  You see, we can only be shaped and cut by another person.  Often times it's through pain and hurt.  I've heard it said, "God never wastes a hurt."  That is true.  This was one of those "light turn on" moments for me.  

As a follower of Jesus, my hope is never to feel hurt of pain.  Unfortunately, Jesus said that we will have trouble. Jesus tells us this in John 16:33.  In a broken world, we can't get away from it. Most of the unforgiveness and hurt we carry around in us is from other people.  Most of the time it's people we love, whether it's family members or close friends.  As a pastor's wife, I have had my share of hurt.  Which often I hear Christians say they don't like church because they've been hurt.  I don't think they think about the other side of the coin that there are many pastors and their families that have been hurt. So in reality, we are all victims of hurt and pain.

The bottom line is "hurt and pain" are really a part of the transformation process of a "diamond in the rough." Yes, it's rough, but the brilliance that eventually shines through is the goal.  If we know the pain and hurt we endure is truly about being shaped, I think we can appreciate it more.  Some of us seem to have more pain and hurt than others.  But if you look at it as another facet being cut into you life, the more God's glory will shine through in the end.  Ephesians 2:10 says we are His masterpiece being created anew in Christ Jesus.  If we stay "uncut" which is not allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in relationships, then we will never become the beautiful work of art that God planned for us.  

I ask you today to reflect on your life. Have you purposely held people off because of your fear of being hurt?  Have you pushed off relationships that have hurt you? Let me tell you, I write this having been hurt myself, but I too am someone guilty of hurting others.  Which really means, that I am a diamond being cut into the beauty of God's glory.  Take some time today to reflect and forgive those who have hurt you. Instead of trying to stay "uncut" use those hurts to shape you and allow the Holy Spirit who is the anointing oil to soften and smooth those rough places.  I promise in the end, you will see the beauty of the glory of God shine in such a way that others will know you are rare and one of a kind brilliant work of art.

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